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Airtel Nigeria is a subsidiary of Airtel India, widely regarded as one of the most trusted, effective and efficient networks in Nigeria. Airtel has been able to pull users from other networks to its own using their cost effective data plan/bundles.

A survey was carried out in order to determine which of the networks pulls the most data users and we found out that majority of network data subscribers make use of Airtel network mainly for browsing and we found out that students and workers between the ages of 18 to 35 falls into this category, reason being that they pay less and get more value from Airtel’s data plan. Though Etisalat data plan came close but was not enough to outdo its rival. Thumbs up to Airtel Nigeria for achieving such feats.

In this post we will not leave any stone unturned we will be talking about Airtel data plans and subscription codes, how to deactivate and activate data on your Airtel lines, special blackberry subscription plans and subscription codes, Android data plans and subscription codes and how to stop auto renewal on your network.

Without boring you with too many talks, lets get down to business and I hope you have your phones or writing materials just incase you need to jot down useful points or try out the codes while reading the post.

Airtel Nigeria keeps coming up with mind-blowing services that beats the imagination of the average Nigerian, thanks to the stiff competition in the telecommunications industry. This has fostered fast internet connection at a very affordable price, when I mean affordable, even students in secondary schools can easily afford it. The bandwidth is expanded; the video and voice call services are very special and also provided at very affordable rates.


Entry planThis plan gives 4MB sells for 50 naira and it is valid for 1 day.1*141*11*9#
Daily plan This plan gives 10 MB, costs 100 naira and is valid for 1 day.*410#
Day plan This plan gives 25 MB, costs 200 naira and is valid for 3 days.*412#
Weekly planThis plan gives 50MB, costs 300 naira and is valid for 7 days.*417#
Easy planIt gives you 80 MB, costs 500 naira and is valid for 14 days.*418#
Lite plan This plan gives you 260 MB, costs 1,000 naira and is valid for 30 days.*420#
Midi planThis plan gives you 400 MB, costs 1,300 and is valid for 30 days*421#
Smartphone 1GB planThis plan gives you 1 GB, costs 2,000 and is valid for 30 days.*423#
Smartphone 2GB planThis plan gives you 2 GB, costs 3,000 and is valid for 30 days.*451#
Plus plan 3.9GBThis plan gives you 3.9 GB and costs 5,000 naira.*452#
Max planplan 7.6GBThis plan gives you 7.6 GB and costs 8,000 naira.*460#
Premium plan 13.3GBThis plan gives you 13.3 GB and costs 15,000 naira.*462#
Prime plan 19.9GBThis plan gives you 19.9 GB and costs 22,000.*463#
Day plan This plan gives you 150 MB, costs 500 naira and it is valid for 24 hours.*141*12*5#
Night time (off peak) This plan gives you 3.9 GB and costs 2,500 and it is valid for 30 days.*141*12*4#
Weekend N200 plan This plan gives you 200 MB, costs 200 and it is valid till midnight of the same day.*472#
Weekend N500 plan This plan gives you 500 MB, it costs 500 and valid till midnight of the same day.*473#
Weekend N1000 planThis plan gives you 1 GB, costs 1,000 and is valid for 30 days.*474#
Airtel 3GB Monthly PlanThis plan gives you 3GB at  N1,500. To check your data bundle balance, dial *123*9#*440*16#
Special Airtel Blackberry Plans
Airtel BlackBerry Unlimited 3GB Monthly PlanThis plan costs N1,500. To activate, dial*435#
BlackBerry Unlimited Week Plan


This plan offers you data value of 20MB and costs N525 only. Validity is for 1 month.*440*17#
BlackBerry Unlimited Day PlanThis plan offers you data value to the worth of 40MB and it costs N100 only. Validity is for 1 month.*440*18#
BlackBerry Complete MonthThe BlackBerry Complete Plan, you get 3GB worth of data. It costs N1,500 and Validity is for 1 month.*431#

Asides the above written in the table, there are other Airtel data plans that can be used on your Android devices.

At the moment, these are officially the recommended Airtel Android data plans available on their network.

They include the 2GB plan which sells for for N2,000, the 3GB (Night plan) selling for N2,500, and of course the 4.5GB which goes for N2,500 only. To activate the 4.5GB plan which costs 2,500,simply dial *437*1#. You will be credited with 4.5GB, which will last for 30 days.


Android 1.0 plan (1GB)This costs 1000 Naira and the validity is 30 Days*496#
Android 2. 0 plan (2GB)The cost of subscription is 2000 Naira. The validity is 30 Days*437#
Android 4.5 plan Cost of subscription is 3,500 naira and thus with 30 days validity*438#

It would be nice to note that as an Airtel subscriber, you can also subscribe to any Airtel android plans on your mobile device, simply by dialling *141*1#, You will be present you with a list of data plans from which you could choose which suites you the most either for Blackberry, Android, or any bundle plans etc

Before doing any subscription, don’t forget that you ought to have pre-loaded your phone with the subscription amount since the recharge amount must be available on your phone before Airtel can activate you.


Much has been talked about as regards Airtel Data plans and subscriptions codes, now we will be telling you about how to check your android data balance bundle. It can be really annoying knowing you just subscribed and within a week or two, you get a notification that your data is exhausted, with this code you will track your data balance and call Airtel’s customer care service if you feel have to

To check the balance of your android plan, simply dial *223# and wait for response from the network. It is as simple as that.


Auto renewal can be really annoying, the sad thing is that 90% of the people we carried out our survey on made it clear that they never opted into the auto renewal palava (problem) and it sucks when ringtones and other campaigns are auto renewing themselves on your phone when the credit on your phone is actually meant for something very important.

To stop AUTORENEWAL as an Airtel Subcriber, simply send an SMS by typing “stopautorenew” and send to 440

I hope this piece has been helpful even in the smallest way.


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