AUN Postgraduate Admission Form 2024/2025 Session – How To Apply

American University school of postgraduate studies through the management of the university has announced the sale of AUN postgraduate admission form for 2024/2025 academic session. AUN PG form is made available online for candidates interested in running a postgraduate programme at AUN  and must have met the PG admission requirement for the proposed programme.

This post will serve as a guide in applying for AUN postgraduate application form both for first time applicants and returning applicants as it would cover every grey area about AUN  PG admission form which includes the commencement date for sale of AUN  PG admission form, the application procedure, duration of all PG programmes, cost of the PG form and the closing date of AUN PG admission form.

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Before we proceed, as usual, based on the challenges faced by past AUN  PG applicants in their application process, I thought it necessary to address them all in order for you to avoid encountering such in your registration.

I will be listing all the frequently asked questions as it relates to AUN  postgraduate admission form. These questions as stated above is from past and current applicants. It is advised you note them down as it would assist in your application process.

The AUN format below indicates the FAQs and their appropriate answers with regards to AUN PG form after which I will make available, AUN postgraduate general admission requirements, how to apply for AUN postgraduate admission form.

FAQs on AUN PG Admission Form

Q – Is AUN postgraduate admission form 2024/2025 out?

A – AUN PG admission form is out and the online application has begun..

Q – How can I apply for AUN PG admission form?

A – AUN  PG part time registration procedure has been provided below as approved by the management of the university.

Q – How much is AUN PG admission form?

A – Applicants are required to purchase the American University, School of Postgraduate Studies Form at a fee of  N 25,000.00 (Twenty-five thousand Naira) only.

Q – I am still running my NYSC, can I apply for AUN PG form?

A – NYSC discharge certificate is an important document for applying for AUNS postgraduate programme. Therefore without your NYSC discharge certificate, you cannot apply.

Q – I have NYSC exemption letter, can I apply for AUN PG application form?

A – Yes you are eligible, all you need to do is present your exemption letter

Q – What is the closing date of AUN PG admission form?

A – AUN PG form closing date is yet to be announced.

The above are the FAQs on American University postgraduate admission form for both current and prospective applicants. However, please feel free to ask questions via the comment section should you have any.

AUN PG admission form application procedure will be a seamless one because I will simplify the application steps required to apply for the admission form so that new and prospective applicants can apply with ease. Applicants who have previously registered and participated in the prior registration exercise but were unsuccessful can also benefit from the information provided here.

American University postgraduate admission form application process this academic session is the same step used by applicants during the previous session, the only major difference is the closing date of the application form. Going by the above information, it is important to point that the schools that are affiliated to AUN PG school are to follow the application steps outlined below but first let’s go through the requirements for applying for the form online.

Requirements for Applying for AUN Postgraduate Admission Form

The School of Graduate Studies Dean determines if an applicant meets the minimum university standards.

A successful applicant must be a graduate of a recognized university with an average grade point average (CGPA) of not less than 3.0 on a 5.0 maximum CGPA (or Second Class Lower Division).

In addition to meeting all of the other admissions requirements, each applicant is expected to have a minimum of one year of work experience, preferably at the mid-level or senior management level.


Photocopies of NYSC Discharge/Exemption Certificates, photocopies of all qualifying credentials, including O’level must be attached to the completed application forms. Candidates should arrange for their transcripts to be sent directly to the Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies. Non-receipt of transcripts in time is at the detriment of the applicant.


Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

  1. Full-Time Diploma: Minimum of two semesters and a maximum of four semesters.
  2. Part-Time Diploma: Minimum of three semester and a maximum of eight semesters.

Masters Degree Programmes

  1. Full-Time: A minimum of three semesters and a maximum of six semesters.
  2. Part-Time: A minimum of four semesters and a maximum of eight semesters.

M.Phil/Ph.D Programmes

  1. Full-Time: A minimum of six semesters and a maximum of eight semesters.
  2. Part-Time: A Minimum of eight semesters and a maximum of ten semesters

Ph.D Programme

  1. Full-Time: A Minimum of six semesters and a maximum of eight semesters.
  2. Part-Time: A minimum of eight semesters and a maximum of ten semesters.

How To Apply for AUN Postgraduate Admission Form

Applicants must submit the following materials to the Graduate Admissions Office:

  • A completed application form – (Download the Application Form)
  • Graduation certificate with verifiable grades and required grade point average
  • Official transcript from each university attended
  • Copies of all certificates of each university attended
  • Two (2) Letters of Recommendation
  • Evidence of payment of application fee
  • A current Curriculum Vitae
  • A personal statement of purpose
  • NYSC Certificate

For any queries about the application process, please contact the Admission Team:

GRADUATE: (+234) 805-226-6398 or

Click ⇒ HERE to start your application.


The application portal will be open for a period of 30 days weeks from the date of this advertisement. Applicants are advised to fill in and submit their Application forms within this period.

I hope this has helped? Do you have any questions as regards American University, Uli PG part time form 2022/2024? Please reach out to us via the comment section or our contact us page.


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