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How To Gain Direct Entry Into Nigerian Universities Without Jamb

Are you looking for a means through which you can get admission into any Nigerian University of your choice without using JAMB? Then you’re in the right place. Direct entry if for those who possess a previous qualification like a diploma (OND), a higher polytechnic degree (HND) or A’Levels. Another good thing about this method […]

Nigerian International Passport: Application, Cost & Renewal 2020

It is very important to know that you cannot step foot outside the country without your international passport. Not just your international passport but a valid one that is yet to expire, or has been renewed. The Nigerian international passport is a vital piece of document issued to Nigerian citizens intending to travel outside the […]

How to Recharge Your Prepaid Meter Online in Nigeria

In Nigeria today, 3 out of every ten homes are already using the digital power consumption calculation device, also called the Prepaid Meter. It is also stale news that payment of bills, which include PHCN prepaid meter doesn’t necessarily have to be accompanied with the stress and fatigue of queuing up at the bank, as […]

Where And How To Get A Very Cheap Car Insurance In Nigeria

Car Insurance in Nigeria isn’t new but permit me to say Nigerians still haven’t been able to embrace this development, many see Insurance as a waste of resources and time while others see it as fraudulent. But as for those who see it as a waste of time, effort and money, there are very cheap […]


Airtel Nigeria is a subsidiary of Airtel India, widely regarded as one of the most trusted, effective and efficient networks in Nigeria. Airtel has been able to pull users from other networks to its own using their cost effective data plan/bundles. A survey was carried out in order to determine which of the networks pulls […]

ETISALAT Data Plans and Subscription Codes (2020)

Etisalat Nigeria has quite a number of Etisalat Data Plans that fits almost every subscribers need. Not only that, they have one of the fastest browsing connection speed which makes them one of the preferred networks when considering purchasing data plane. Their wide Network coverage also gives them the edge over most networks as Etisalat […]

How to Make Calls for Free in Nigeria

Making calls for free in Nigeria is now possible more than ever before. Are you spending lots of cash in your mobile phone just to call your friends or business partners? There are many available ways to make calls for free in Nigeria depending on the network type. Let me start with MTN Nigeria MTN […]

How to Watch DSTV Channels for Free in Nigeria

Do you watch local Nigerian stations like Nigerian television authority (NTA) and Africa independent television (AIT)? I know you would love to keep your eyes gazed on them in the satellite television in Nigeria. The world today has gone global. Now you can watch more than 350 television channels on DSTV and MYTV channels at […]

How to send Text Messages (SMS) for free in Nigeria

Do you want to know how to send text messages (sma) for free in Nigeria? So many Nigerians have mobile phones and they use it for many things like chatting and playing games. Some others are obsessed with whatsapp/BBM on their phone so you find them pinging every time. Although this article is all about […]

How to Get the Latest Nigerian Gospel Songs/Music

Do you want to get the latest gospel songs in Nigeria? There are many ways to achieve this. You need to first of all know the kind of songs you like and what obtains in Nigerian music landscape. There are so many popular gospel artist and churches where music is given a top priority. Everyone […]

How to Browse For Free on Airtel in Nigeria

Do you really want to know How to Browse For Free on Airtel in Nigeria? Airtel which was formerly called Zain has a robust network in Nigeria today. Browsing on this network has really offered many a succor from MTN harsh data pricing. I am not trying to be brutal but it is nothing but […]

How To Start Pop-Corn Business In Nigeria From Home

Starting a Popcorn business is one of the 100 most lucrative businesses you can start with very little amount of money and grow it into a big-time six-figure business. Though only a few knows about the profitability of this business and are happy to keep it clandestine from you and I. To the Nitti Gritty, […]

Where And How To Get Birth Certificates And Age Declaration In Nigeria

The exigency to present a certificate of birth at one point or the other is unavoidable. From job applicants to school children and even in visa application processes, a birth certificate is always needed at one point or the other. Since 1992, the National Population Commission (NPC) has been responsible for the registration of births […]

How to Transfer Credit/Airtime on MTN, Etisalat, Glo & Airtel

Sharing is caring. A lot of times we have surplus airtime on our phones and we feel the need to share even though it might not be much. This post cuts across anyone who wishes to transfer airtime using MTN, Airtel, Glo and/or Etisalat as their network providers. How to Transfer Credit/Airtime on MTN The […]

Job Interview Questions and Answers in Nigeria

After graduating from the University and finishing NYSC, the first thing on every graduate’s mind is to get a job. The labour market is highly competitive and saturated, survival of the fittest comes to play. It is highly necessary that when these job interviews do come, one is highly prepared. The list below is comprehensive […]