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The Best Football Club in the World

The concept or question of the best football club in the world is one of the topics that spark heated debates and controversies but to come to a conclusion of the best club in the world, rather than talk about huge world star players, hefty transfer fee and past glory, results can only be the […]

The Richest Football Club In The World

In the case of many football fans out there, club support, arguments and slight knowledge is all there is for them about football and football clubs and nothing more.  The richest football club is sure to be a world known club, with a lot of fans, support and world class players on their payroll. Also, […]

The Richest Football Player in the World

One of the most successful and highest paying sports in the world is football. It is only logical to know that each sport has a particular individual that is the highest paid sportsman paid in that particular sport. When the question of who the highest paid footballer in the world is comes up, questions like […]

The Richest Footballer in Nigeria (2020)

Guess who is the Richest Footballer in Nigeria? Born 22 November 1982 in Benin City and nicknamed “The Yak”, he is no other person but Yakubu Aiyegbeni. Yakubu Aiyegbeni the richest footballer in Nigeria. In a 2020 report, it is claimed that the former super eagles striker is top on the list of richest foorballers […]

Top 10 Best Football & Soccer Prediction Sites

Do you need to see the top list of site for soccer or football prediction? It is normal to read all the sports news and information about teams and soccer events happening across the leagues of each country. Most times these betting and prediction sites have correct information waiting for you if you know how […]