COE Waka-Biu JAMB Cut Off Mark for All Courses 2021/2022 Academic Session

College of Education Waka Biu, JAMB cut off mark for all courses that are offered in the institution has been released by the school authority in accordance with JAMB’s directive. Before the management and school authority of COE Waka Biu fix their minimum cut off mark, it has to be in line with that of JAMB’s approved cut off mark for the academic session. JAMB does not fix COE Waka Biu cut off mark, however they (JAMB) peg a fixed admission cut off point every academic session that no institution must go below, that is, in the case of COE Waka Biu, they must not go below the ceiling placed for fixing of cut off marks.

This academic session, JAMB fixed the general cut off mark for all Colleges of Education as 120. However, COE Waka Biu are at liberty to fix their minimum admission cut off mark at 120 and above. For example, the cut off mark for COE Waka Biu is 120. This simply means that candidates that register COE Waka Biu as their preferred choice of institution must have scored at least 120 and above to be eligible to purchase COE Waka Biu post UTME form and apply for admission into their selected course. JAMB’s duty is to regulate and give admission to deserving candidates who meet COE Waka Biu cut off mark and passed the Post UTME test.

Oftentimes candidates seeking admission are confused as to what is the best JAMB score for their course which results to questions like?

I got 120 in JAMB, can i be admitted into COE Waka Biu?

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What score must i get to study Educational Psychology in COE Waka Biu?

What is COE Waka Biu cut off mark for 2021/2022 academic session
Sometimes candidates who scored 120, 125, 130, and above ask if they are eligible to study Economics or any of the courses offered in COE Waka Biu. Please note that with the courses and cut off mark available here today, you will know by yourself if you are qualified for admission into COE Waka Biu. I will be listing the approved COE Waka Biu course and minimum JAMB cut off mark you are supposed to score to be eligible for Post UTME at the COE Waka Biu.

In your search for admission, please note that choosing COE Waka Biu as your 1st choice of institution in your UTME registration is the first step to gaining admission because the school would give consideration to candidates that selected COE Waka Biu as their first choice of institution before considering other choices if need be.

Again, candidates with higher JAMB score are at advantage of gaining admission into COE Waka Biu even though all candidates who score 120 and above are given equal opportunities to sit for the post UTME because after calculating their aggregate score or weighted average, candidates with higher JAMB scores tend to score higher because of their UTME scores gives an edge when calculating their average cut off mark over candidates with low UTME scores. So, it is advised you try as much as possible to score high in your JAMB and Post UTME to give you a better chance of studying your preferred course.

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With the above information at your disposal, I can assure you that you will gain admission into COE Waka Biu with ease. Most candidates fail to acknowledge the fact that a low JAMB score decreases their chances except candidates who are listed among the Educationally Less Developed States.

COE Waka Biu cut off mark is quite high, that is, it is not easy to score up to 120 in your JAMB unlike other Federal schools with the same standard as COE Waka Biu who still have their minimum cut off mark as 120.

Below I have listed all courses offered in COE Waka Biu as well as COE Waka Biu JAMB cut off mark in a tabular format for proper understanding by both first-time candidates and candidates who have attempted JAMB in the past.

COE Waka Biu JAMB Cut Off Mark 2021/2022 Academic Session

School of Arts & Social Sciences
Economics120 and above
Christian Religious Studies120 and above
Social Studies120 and above
Geography120 and above
Islamic Studies120 and above
School of Sciences
Physical & Health Education120 and above
Chemistry120 and above
Integrated Science120 and above
Biology120 and above
Physics120 and above
Computer Science120 and above
Mathematics120 and above
School of Languages
English120 and above
Arabic120 and above
Hausa120 and above
School of Education
Educational Psychology120 and above
 Educational Foundation120 and above
Curriculum and Instruction120 and above
General Studies120 and above
Agricultural Science Education120 and above
Home Economics120 and above
School of Early Childhood Care
Early Childhood Care Education120 and above
Primary Education Studies120 and above
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The above table simply clears the confusion faced by prospective candidates who ask if they are eligible for COE Waka Biu post UTME screening exercise simply because they scored low in JAMB. This simply means that you are eligible to participate in the COE Waka Biu Post UTME so long as you score at least 120 and above which is the current COE Waka Biu cut off mark for all courses.

I hope this information as regards COE Waka Biu cut off mark for 2021/2022 academic session is well understood? Feel free to reach out to me via the comment section in case you have any question(s) about COE Waka Biu departmental cut off mark for any course listed in the table and I will be glad to assist.

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