Easiest Ways of Making Money in Nigeria

With the economic downturn that has plagued Nigeria and the world at large, it is only normal that everyone, youths especially, become unsatisfied and seek easy ways of making money online and offline. Some of these methods might be unconventional or inconvenient, some even easy but again, nothing good (like money) comes easy.

5 Easiest Ways of Making Money in Nigeria

1. Sell Your Old Items

This part shouldn’t be too hard to do, especially for people who are hoarders.  Now is the time to convert the stuff you have lying around into some cash. You can do these through a variety of ways like selling old things through eBay or Craigslist, selling old clothes at a second-hand shop or even selling books, CDs, and games to specialty stores and media outlets like Best Buy.

2. Sign-up for Paid Online Surveys

While they rarely pay more than $5-10 apiece, you can complete a lot of them to earn a quick profit. Explore sites like:
Valued Opinions.

3. Rent Out a Room of Your House

This is quite easy. Real estate is a sector of the economy that always booms. So being a landlord in your own little way could definitely pay off.

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4. Online Freelancing

This is among the 100 lucrative business ideas in Nigeria. Writing, editing, or simply completing tasks is a great way to start off. It might not pay much at first but it will definitely aid in boosting your soft skills. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program is a good platform to begin.

5. Sign up for Credit Cards or Accounts with Bonuses

some companies do this a lot. They withhold salaries for months and put it in a fixed deposit account to generate interest. Am not commending these actions but for personal use its a great way to make money.

I hope this has been helpful to you in learning the easiest way to make money in Nigeria. Go through and let us know your opinion in the comment section below.


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