DSTV is the acronym for Digital Satellite Television which operates in Nigeria and some other African countries. These other African countries include Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Mauritius and Uganda. Majority of their subscribers are from Nigeria and South Africa. The slogan for DSTV is Feel Every Moment.

DSTV offers paid subscription multichoice channels to her customers. It is however possible for you to still view free channels on your DSTV decoder when the subscription expires. The subscription comes in 5 different packages which includes:

  • DSTV premium which is sold for N13,980 per month. The major draw to this subscription is the Barclays Premiership matches which is very popular in Nigeria.
  • DSTV Compact Plus which is sold for N9,420 per month.
  • DSTV Compact which is sold for N6,000 per month.
  • DSTV Family which is sold for N3,600 per month.
  • DSTV Access which is sold for N1,800 per month.

DSTV however allows her customers access to some Free Channels on DSTV/MULTICHOICE and GOTV DECODERS even in the absence of a running subscription. This allows you to still have something to watch on TV before you are able to gather together the funds to pay for your next subscription. The free channels on DSTV Decoders include:

List of Free Channels on DSTV/MULTICHOICE and GOTV

LTV: LTV is an acronym for Lagos Television and is the state television station of Lagos State. The station shows a lot of interesting programs including a lot of movies which could compensate to some extent for the Africa Magic and Africa Magic Yoruba you would be unable to watch when your subscription has expired.

NTA: NTA is the national television station of Nigeria. They also show a lot of informative and entertaining programs 24/7.

Silverbird TV: Silverbird TV is another free channel on DSTV decoders that plays a lot of music, movies and also feature a lot of informative and educative programs.

AIT: AIT is an acronym for African Independent Television. They are an independent local station in Nigeria owned by Raymond Dokpesi. The station runs all day and night and also shows a lot of educative, informative and entertaining programs. They also show Nollywood movies from 12:30am to 3am every day.

Channels: Channels TV is a major news station in Nigeria. They however also feature other informative and educative programs. They show movies from 11pm just after their 10:00 news before they close after the film between 12am and 1am to reopen in the morning.

MiTV: MiTV is another free channels on DSTV decoders you can view even after your paid subscription has expired. They have a lot of educative and entertaining programs that you can watch.

Mindset Learn: Mindset Learn is a DSTV station that shows a lot of educative programs. Their programs generally include secondary school level in Nigeria science courses including Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer amongst others.

TBN: TBN is an acronym for Trinity Broadcasting network which is an international Christian television network.

Rhema: Rhema television is another Christian international television network.

Day Star: Day Star television is another Christian international television network.

IQRAA: IQRAA is an Islamic international television network which is a free channel on DSTV decoders and can be accessed even after your subscription has expired.

Islam: Islam is another Islamic international television network.

Inspiration TV: Inspiration TV is another Christian international television network in Nigeria.

Other free channels on DSTV decoders that can be viewed after your subscription has expired include: China Global Television Network (CGTN) News, Chinal Global Television Network (CGTN) Documentary, CCTV 4, NHK, CCTV News, Kingdom TV and TV Mundial.

You can therefore continue to rock your free channels on DSTV decoders even after your subscription has expired. The 18 free channels on DSTV decoders also comes with 32 radio channels. You therefore still have the luxury of choice after exhausting your subscription.


  1. i need some free channel on my Gotv eg disney junior, bet*,am yoruba thanks you.

  2. All these free channels listed on dstv arent showing apart from those Chinese channels** tor**

  3. I need to watch free channels on my Gotv Zambia, how can I activte it?

  4. as I was watching channel 25 on gotv tonight the channel just went off. I then noticed that its not only Zee, CNN & some other channels also where no longer on the channel list. May I know what is actually going on? Without any notification you just removed channels not putting your customer s into consideration. This is not good enough for a company like yours.

  5. gotv should put 60 more channels so they can be the best

  6. It is only t the Chinese Channels that show these days on dstv freeview once th subscription expires.
    How can one activate the rest of the freeview channels like Channels TV, AIT, NTA and Sylverbirs TVs ?
    Does any one have ideas pls?

    1. Pay your subscription,my dear.
      That’s the only language this people understand

  7. How to setup free CCTV Chanel’s on my dstv in South Africa?

  8. hi how do i activate dstv freeview on my dstv compact plz.

  9. How can i watch ZeeWord Amyoruba and nickJn

  10. No free channels on my decoder. Everything went off as soon as my subscription expired. is this a fraud?

  11. Onaulogho Osigbemhe Andrew

    Gotv should upgrade from radio wave to satellite and they add more local and international stations

  12. Onaulogho Osigbemhe Andrew

    Gotv should upgrade from radio wave to satellite and they should add more locals and international stations

  13. my name is collins aghimien,a movie producer,looking for a free t.v station to showcase my movie,please if u can me out,let me know thank you

  14. collins aghimien

    my name is collins isaac,producer of e-stars movie production,i have a local programme content that i do every week,looking for a t.v station that will showcase the programme,call me if you want to know about the programme 09020734938

  15. This is a fraud. There are no free stations on dstv. My subscription expired while I was away and I couldn’t even watch nta news. Dstv scammers!!

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