FULOKOJA Academic Calendar 2024/2025 Academic Session Announced

We wish to notify all new and returning students of Federal University Lokoja (FULOKOJA) that the university’s administration has made adjustments to the academic calendar for the 2024/2025 academic session.

The revised FULOKOJA academic calendar is designed to span approximately one year. All academic and non-academic activities have been meticulously scheduled within the approved timeframe, as directed by the university’s management.

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FULOKOJA Academic Calendar 2024/2025 Academic Session

The academic calendar for FULOKOJA is as follows:

The Senate of Federal University Lokoja convened an emergency meeting on Thursday, September 29th, 2023, during which they ratified the adjusted academic calendar for the 2022-2023 academic sessions as outlined below:

At its emergency meeting held on Friday, September 29th, 2023, the Senate extensively deliberated on the calendar for the 2023/2024 academic session and subsequently approved the following revision.


 Commencement and Registration

  • Resumption Date: Your academic session commences on Sunday, January 7th, 2024.
  • New Students’ Registration: Monday, January 8, 2024, to Friday, January 19, 2024.
  • Returning Students’ Registration: Monday, January 15, 2024, and concludes on Friday, January 26, 2024.

Late Registration Warning

  • Late Registration PeriodMonday, January 29, 2024, and Friday, February 9, 2024.

Ceremonial and Instructional Engagements

  • Matriculation CeremonyFriday, February 16, 2024—a significant milestone for freshers.
  • Lectures CommenceMonday, January 15, 2024, until Saturday, March 2, 2024.

Midterm Break and Exam Preparations

  • Mid-Semester Break:  March 4, 2024, to Saturday, March 9, 2024.
  • Lectures ResumeMonday, March 11, 2024, and ending on Saturday, April 20, 2024.
  • Semester ExaminationsMonday, April 22, 2024, to Saturday, May 18, 2024.

Senate Review and Semester Closure

  • Senate Meeting: A single-day session on Friday, May 31, 2024.
  • Semester BreakMonday, May 20, 2024, to Saturday, June 1, 2024.


FULOKOJA’s Second Semester Academic Calendar

Continuation of Academic Pursuit 

  • Resumption: The second act begins on Sunday, June 2, 2024.
  • LecturesMonday, June 3, 2024, to Saturday, July 20, 2024.

Mid-Semester Intervals and Final Assessments

  • Mid-Semester BreakMonday, July 22, 2024, to Saturday, July 27, 2024.
  • Lectures ContinueMonday, July 29, 2024, and Saturday, September 7, 2024.
  • Semester ExaminationsMonday, September 9, 2024, to Saturday, October 5, 2024.

Concluding the Academic Session

  • Senate Meeting: On Friday, October 25, 2024, results will be considered.
  • End of Session Break: October 7, 2024, to Saturday, October 26, 2024.

We provide this information for your awareness and future planning. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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