FUTO Matriculation Ceremony Schedule for Fresher 2024/2025 Announced

Amid an air charged with anticipation and jubilation, the Federal University of Technology, Owerri in Imo State is set to host its highly anticipated annual matriculation ceremony, welcoming the newest cohort of scholars for the [Year]/[Year] academic session.

With great pride, the university management extends a warm invitation to embrace this milestone event, marking the official induction of fresh minds into our cherished academic community. Held at the prestigious Convocation Arena, this ceremony promises to be a poignant celebration of academic promise and personal growth.

The proceedings will commence with a dignified procession, as academic luminaries, esteemed dignitaries, and eager students make their grand entrance, harmonized by the resonant strains of our national anthem. The ceremony will be graced with an atmosphere of reverence during the invocation, invoking blessings for the journey ahead and emphasizing the solemnity of this auspicious occasion.

In preparation for this momentous event, the Ceremonials Committee, Senate members, School Deans, University Admissions Officer, Heads of Departments, Unit Coordinators, and other dedicated university officials are diligently collaborating to ensure the success and seamless execution of every aspect of the matriculation ceremony.

A distinguished gathering of esteemed guests and dignitaries from various spheres of academia and beyond will enrich the occasion, further underscoring the significance of this rite of passage for our new students.

Mark your calendars as the Vice-Chancellor has officially sanctioned the 42nd matriculation ceremony of our esteemed institution, scheduled to take place on Friday, July 19, [Year], at the Convocation Arena. Let us come together as a community to celebrate the bright futures ahead and to embrace the spirit of learning and achievement that defines our university.