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How To Become A Nairabet Commission Agent And Make Money Offline

Betting in Nigeria has come to stay, due to the economic downturn; Many Nigerians are trying different ways of making ends meet and have automatically become employers of labor.

Many have succeeded and are telling their success stories.

I have had people ask me on how to start betting businesses like the Nairabet, they do not know how to go about it, to some, it seems like a mirage and to others, they have feint idea about how to start. My advice is that you start as little as you can pending on your financial capacity and watch it grow. From research, 90 to 95 percent of people in this betting business never run down. Which i think is a plus for starters.

See detailed simple step-by-step approach.

How To Become Nairabet Licensed Agent.

STEP 1: License Fees.
As a Nairabet agent applicant, a license fee is required as a prerequisite to becoming a full time agent. License fee is between 50,000 to 60,000 naira, it varies.

STEP 2:  Betting Shop

Get a shop or build a kiosk like shelter this would serve as your point of sale with customers as they will come to you to stake bets. Then you will print their betting slip using the Nairabet app and thermal printer.

STEP 3. Computer
You will need a computer or laptop PC to enable you work with their software. Nairabet has betting software, which is given to every licensed agent; it is used in staking bets for punters. It’s quite easy to use so you don’t have a problem with that.

STEP 4. Thermal Printer
This is the printer that is needed to print nairabet-betting slip. The slip that comes out has a resemblance of the receipt that’s comes out of a POS machine.

STEP 5: Generating Set

As we all know, it’s needed for back up in case of power failure. A small 0.5 to 1.5 KVA is very okay since you are starting modestly and this goes for about 20,000 to 25000 Naira. for a new set.

Those are the main requirements to get started as a Nairabet commission agent.

The other part will come from your end, like marketing strategy, location, generator take your time and consider your budget before making moves to be an agent with Nairabet.

Also, note that if there is any Nairabet shop close to you, they may not grant you will have to go distance away from the shop close to you, maybe the next street or area.

Nairabet pays 50% of total profit made from the bets customers you will get 50% commission on winnings made from customers, this means after deducting the total bets won by customers, the balance is the profit earned from the 50% commissions.

Best of Luck… See you at the TOP

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