IAUE Postgraduate School Fees For New And Returning Students 2022/2023 Academic Session

IAUE Postgraduate school fees for fresh full-time and part-time students 2022/2023 academic session has been released by the school authority. The school fees are for all postgraduate programmes offered in IAUE.

All prospective PG students who have successfully completed their first degree and want a postgraduate certification are hereby advised to go through IAUE Postgraduate School fees schedule before payment is made.


IAUE Postgraduate School Fees For New And Returning Students [year]/[nyear] Academic Session 1

The table below itemizes IAUE Postgraduate School fees schedule for new students only for 2022/2023 academic year. The fees as seen below do not include acceptance fee, accommodation fee, and library fee. It is an estimate of the fee payable for fresh PG students irrespective of your programme.

IAUE prospective PG students are therefore advised to read through to get all vital information needed in paying their fees on time.

IAUE postgraduate school has revealed that late payment would attract extra charges and failure to pay the fees on time could lead to the student’s inability to seat for their respective examinations

Upon reading of this information, you would be clear about the following;

  1. IAUE Postgraduate school fees for Masters students 2022/2023 Academic session
  2. IAUE Postgraduate school fees for PHD students 2022/2023 Academic session
  3. Other fees and thesis fee as seen below.


All freshly admitted students of IUAE postgraduate school are advised to pay their tuition fees for the 2022/2023 academic session early to the designated banks as approved by the school management.

IAUE postgraduate school fees vary from programmes to programmes. For fresh postgraduate students, aside payment of acceptance fee, IAUE postgraduate school fees is between 135,000 to 150,000 Naira per semester.


In as much as the exact tuition fee for fresh postgraduate students cannot be ascertained, I have been able to do my personal research from past and current PG students in the institution and I can confidently tell you that IAUE Postgraduate school fees for PGD, Masters and PHD. programmes cost between one hundred and thirty-five thousand naira (N135,000) to one hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,000) per semester.

Please note that the above fee excludes IAUE postgraduate acceptance fee, registration fee of 26,000 naira and brochure fee 5,600 Naira

Aside the fees listed in the above table, kindly note that there are other fees and charges that

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