KSU School Fees For Fresh Students 2021/2022 Academic Session

The management of  Kogi State University wishes to inform all fresh and prospective candidates that newly got admitted in to KSU that the school fees for 2021/2022 is out. Upon release of KSU’s admission list, candidates are always in a haste to confirm if they have been admitted which in turn increases their quest for the school fees payable by new students.

KSU’s school fees for fresh students is very important especially for freshers as this could prevent you from participating in the semester examination which is why you are expected to pay as and when due.

In this Post I will be providing you with the school fees payable by newly admitted students irrespective of the course offered. Also the payment procedure will be explained further for students who wish to pay their tuition fee immediately. However, you could bookmark this page so as to easily track the procedures involved in paying KSU school fees as approved by the management of the university.

KSU school fees amount is not so different from the previous academic session except there is a need for review which is solely at the discretion of the university’s senate. More so, checking procedure payment of KSU school fees for 2021/2022 academic session is not different from the method used in checking for the previous academic session. Before going into details on the exact KSU tuition fee payable by fresh students, I will be listing and giving answers to all the frequently asked questions on KSU’s school fees by both past and current students and candidates as this would be of great benefits for all who are in need of this information.

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Below are the list of FAQs on KSU’s School Fees;

How much is KSU school fees for fresh students?

How much is KSU school fees for nursing students?

How much is KSU school fees for faculty of sciences?

How much is KSU school fees for faculty of education?

How much is KSU school fees for faculty of management sciences?

How much is KSU school fees for faculty of arts?

How much is the school fees for Medicine and Surgery in KSU?

How do I pay my school fees?

Is KSU’s school fees paid per semester or per session?

Having gathered all frequently asked questions on KSU’s school fees, the table below contains the tuition fee for all students irrespective of the faculties.

Please note that KSU’s school fees for fresh and returning students is paid every session and not per semester and payment of the school fees must be carried out only via KSU’s portal. On no account should you pay your fees via any agent of platform except the university’s portal

KSU School Fees for Fresh Students 2021/2022 Academic Session

100 Level & DE 200 Level
DepartmentsIndigenes Non IndigenesIndigenesNon-Indigenes
Agric-Econs and ExtensionN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Agricultural Economics/ExtensionN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Animal ProductionN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Animal ScienceN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Arabic and Islamic StudiesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Arabic Language and LiteratureN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Arabic StudiesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Banking And FinanceN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Biological SciencesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Broadcast JournalismN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Business AdministrationN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Christian Religious Knowledge/StudiesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Computer ScienceN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Crop ProductionN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Crop ScienceN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Drama/Dramatic/Performing/Theatre ArtsN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
English and Literary StudiesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
English LanguageN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Environmental Resources ManagementN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Food Science and TechnologyN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Geography and Planning ScienceN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
History and International StudiesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Home Science and ManagementN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Islamic StudiesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Law and DiplomacyN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Management StudiesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Mass CommunicationN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Philosophy and Religious StudiesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Political ScienceN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Public AdministrationN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Public Relations and AdvertisingN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Remote Sensing and Geographical Information SystemN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Rural DevelopmentN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Social WorkN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Soil and Environmental ManagementN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Soil ScienceN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Theatre ArtsN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Transport ManagementN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Urban and Regional PlanningN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
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Indigenes Non-Indigenes
300 levelN46,500 N89,000
400 levelN44,250N26,600

Information provided in this post is culled from the bursary unit of KSU, however, this is not cast in stones as this is subject to change by the management of the university without prior notice or consultations with parents and guardians.

Hope this information has provided necessary answers to your questions, if you have any input or opinion as regards KSU school fees for fresh and returning students for 2021/2022  academic session, kindly get in contact with the admin via the comment section below and we shall respond swiftly.

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