List of Colleges of Education In Bauchi State

Bauchi State has both private and government owned higher college of education which is in addition to already existing primary and secondary schools. Like other states, Bauchi State recognizes that education is key to development hence the need for collaboration with the private sector for more higher educational institutions (college of education) to meet the educational demands of the already teeming population in the state.

Every academic session, students apply for admission so the need for schools that fall within their catchment area becomes necessary. This means that if you are from Bauchi state, you will most often choose schools that fall within your catchment area because this gives you an edge in the admission selection process hence the increase in the search for schools in Bauchi state.

In this article, I will briefly discuss the application process for each college of education on the list of schools in Bauchi state that has been licensed and authorized by the National college of education Commission (NUC). If you’re searching for college of education in Bauchi State, a generic search for “colleges of education in Bauchi State” won’t do.

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Here you’ll find both public and private Bauchi State colleges of education, as well as any Federal college of education in the state. For the simple reason that the federal government has implemented a catchment area policy, which means that residents of a state who live outside of the catchment area cannot attend a federal college of education located within their own state, not all states have federal college of education. As an illustration of the foregoing as indicated above, you should consider reading about the Bauchi State college of education catchment region.

So, let me go you over the schools that can be found in Bauchi State. While freshmen applying to college of education in Bauchi state would benefit the most from this data, people from many walks of life may find it useful for a variety of reasons.

What you should take away from this post are the following;

  • Familiarity with the whole directory of BauchiState’s private college of education.
  • List if Licensed college of educationin Bauchi State
  • List of any and all federal college of educationin Bauchi
  • List of state owned college of educationin Bauchi
  • Links to the list of courses that are currently offered in all college of educationsited in Bauchi


  1. You must have at least 5 credit passes that are related to your course of study.
  2. To be able to take part in their post-UTME screening exercise, you must get at least the minimum cut-off score.

According to the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board, this is the standard criteria for entry into all higher education institutions in Bauchi State, even those that are publicly funded (JAMB).

List Of Bauchi State Colleges Of Education, Both Public And Private

In order of hierarchy, I will be listing the list of schools in Bauchi State till date and embed in each list is the courses currently offered in the college of education.

  • Sunnah College of Education
  • Bilyaminu Othman College of Education, Dass
  • Bogoro College of Education
  • Climax College of Education, Bauchi
  • Federal College of Education, Bauchi
  • Sarkin Yama Community College of Education
  • JIBWIS College of Education, Jama’are
  • College of Education, Darazo
  • College of Sharia and Arabic Studies
  • Adamu Garkuwa College of Education, Toro
  • Danyaya College of Education, Ningi
  • D. Rufai College for Islamic and Legal Studies
  • Bauchi Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies
  • Aminu Sale College of Education, Azare

In summary, there are currently fourteen colleges of education in Bauchi state. Each has unique strengths and limitations in their respective disciplines. Visit their application portal to apply if you satisfy their requirements.

I hope this was helpful? Do you have any question(s)? Please reach us via the comments section below and we will be happy to respond.





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