List of Less Competitive Courses in UMYU

Many students hope to attend Umar Musa Yar’ Adua University Katsina, thus they list it as an option during UTME registration. If you took the UTME and post-UTME screening test and still weren’t accepted, you might be wondering what less-competitive majors are available at UMYU. This is a common practice among students. Nevertheless, there are a select few who want to hold off on reapplying till the subsequent UTME enrollment.

List of Less Competitive Courses in UMYU 1

List of Less Competitive Courses in UMYU

Courses at Umar Musa Yar’ Adua University Katsina might be as rigorous or as relaxed as any other university. In the first place, what exactly do we mean when we say “competitive courses” and “less competitive courses”? For example, if you look at the courses offered at UMYU, you’ll agree that subjects like “Computer Science,” “Accounting,” “Business Administration,” “Law,” and “Mass Communications” are some of the most competitive courses registered by students who hope to gain admission to Delta State or any other university in Nigeria. Simply put, competitive courses are those that receive high UTME and DE registration volumes, while non-competitive courses receive lower registration volumes.

If you choose a less popular major at UMYU, you have a significantly better chance of getting accepted into the university, provided you meet the minimum JAMB score requirement. The risk of choosing a course with a high number of applicants is that even if you meet the requirements in terms of grade point average and test scores, you may still be rejected for admission.

If you’re a student at UMYU, whether in the arts, sciences, or business, this post will be helpful because I’ll be detailing the less competitive courses offered in each department.


  1. Faculty of Arts And Humanities
  2. Library and Information Science
  3. Arabic
  4. English and French
  5. History
  6. Islamic Studies
  7. Nigerian Languages
  8. Islamic Law
  9. Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences
  10. Biology
  11. Chemistry
  12. Geography
  13. Physics
  14. Faculty of Education
  15. Education and Arabic
  16. Education and Biology
  17. Education and Chemistry
  18. Education and Economics
  19. Education and English Language
  20. Education and Geography / Physics
  21. Education and Hausa
  22. Education and Islamic Studies
  23. Education and Mathematics
  24. Education and Physics
  25. Faculty of Art & Humanities
  26. Arabic
  27. English
  28. French
  29. History
  30. Islamic Studies
  31. Hausa
  32. Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences
  33. Biology
  34. Chemistry
  35. Geography
  36. Mathematics
  37. Physics
  38. Faculty of Social and Management Sciences
  39. Public Administration
  40. Sociology

These are some of Umar Musa Yar’ Adua University Katsina’s less competitive courses. Bear in mind that this in no way indicates that these courses are inferior to others; rather, it simply indicates that fewer applicants who match the prerequisites for these courses have registered for them at UMYU.

I really hope this was of some use to you. Feel free to post any inquiries in the section provided below, and we will do our best to answer them.

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