List of Part-Time Courses Offered in YSU and Admission Requirements

This post is about YSU Part-Time courses and entry requirements available in the institution. I will also be guiding you through their entry admission requirements as well as all you need to know before selecting a Part-Time course of study at Yobe State University, Damaturu.

Below is the list of what to look out for before choosing a part-time course at YSU.

  1. YSU PT Admission Requirements.
  2. Subject combination for your preferred course.
  3. JAMB is not required.

The above is what you need to know before choosing a Part-Time course in YSU.

I will breakdown the above 3 factors before listing the following according to the faculties they are categorized at YSU:

  1. List of all Art Courses Offered in YSU.
  2. List of all Science courses offered in YSU.
  3. List of all Social and Management courses offered by Yobe State University, Damaturu

Now I will break down the 3 factors that you must take cognizance of when searching for PT courses offered in YSU.

List of Part-Time Courses Offered in YSU and Admission Requirements 1

YSU Part-Time Admission Requirements

YSU PT admission requirements are the first step you must take note of when searching for available PT courses in YSU. At YSU and other tertiary institutions, PT courses offered have their distinct entry requirements. However, some requirements are the same for PT courses under the same faculty. In YSU for example, you must have obtained at least 5 credit passes in your O’level result which must include mathematics and English language and three other subjects as it relates to your course of study. Note that some PT courses do not require a Credit in mathematics as a requirement for admission.

Correct Subject Combination

Using the correct subject combination for your PT course saves you a lot of costs and challenges in the area of obtaining a new change of course and institution form. For example, studying a PT course require at least 5 credit passes in not more than 2 sittings in WAEC, NECO, or its equivalents. Making use of the subjects required for the course is what I mean by making use of the correct subject combination.

In summary of the above, you must confirm the PT admission entry requirements and subject combination for your PT course as a guide to applying for admission Yobe State University, Damaturu

List of Part-Time Courses Offered in YSU

Faculty of Art & Education


Islamic Studies

African Languages & Linguistics




Faculty of Law

Sharia Law

Civil Law

College of Medical Science

Human Anatomy

Human Physiology


Faculty of Science

Computer Science



Biological Science


Mathematics & Statistics



Faculty of Social and Management Science


Business Administration


Political Science

Public Administration



YSU part-time courses are wide in terms of the scope of niche coverage. The university offers part-time courses in almost every field except courses under the College of Medicine and Health Science. The above is the list of part-time courses offered at Yobe State University, Damaturu that are currently accredited by the NUC (National Universities Commission).

Please note that YSU part-time courses listed above are still being offered in the institution so if you have any question(s), please reach out to me via the comment section below and I will be happy to assist.