See List Nigerian Universities That Admit Without JAMB

Anybody who has written JAMB two or more times knows how horrendous the experience feels. Other times, one may have passed JAMB and the next hurdle which happens to be Post-UTME becomes the red sea between the hopeful “Jambito” and his/her admission. Keep your mind at rest now, as we have come to your rescue.

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The List of Universities In Nigeria That Admit Without JAMB.

    It does not require you to write JAMB or tender any JAMB result to be qualified for the entry into this school and they are currently accepting application from people. You might be wondering how possible this is.The University has the following features:
    – No JAMB result needed
    – Get the Application Form and get admitted within 3 days
    – They are located throughout Nigeria
    – Over 32,000 students
    – For undergraduate, Diploma, Certification, Postgraduate, Masters & Ph.D    Programmes
    – No strike period
    – Four years course
  2.  IJMB in UNILORIN, UNIVERSITY OF ABUJA and ABU ZARIA:  it is called INTERIM JOINT MATRICULATION BOARD, It is an A level program of 9 months that after completion qualifies you to 200 level in the above listed Nigerian Universities through Direct Entry. It is a very legitimate program as can be seen in JAMB brochure.
    This program doesn’t need jamb rather all its requires is your o’level result be it Waec, neco, nabteb etc.Click on Next Page Below To View The Rest
  3. THROUGH DIPLOMA OR BASIC OR PRE-DEGREE( UNIPORT, DELSU): There’s barely any Nigerian tertiary institution that doesn’t offer diploma and/or pre-degree program. From what we all know about Diploma, it is a program that runs for 1/2/3 years depending on the school and course which upon completion give you admission into 200level through direct entry while pre-degree runs for 7months to 9months depending on the school which gives you admission into 100level upon completion. BASIC in UNIPORT is just like the pre-degree program which runs for almost a year and those who pass are admitted into 100level.

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4. SOME PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS (MADONNA & CO, etc) : The beauty of some of these private institutions is the ease with which admission can easily be gotten. In this case, the student can be admitted without JAMB and WAEC only on one condition, being that upon getting to 300level or final year, the basic admission requirements like JAMB and WAEC/NECO must be ready for submission for clearance.

So if there’s anyone you know who JAMB must have “JAMBed” (lol just kidding) and is looking for the list of universities that admit without JAMB please tell them cos there’s no point wasting more time doing nothing at home.


  1. hello good day,pls I would like to know therivate uni dat doesn’t require jamb.Thanks

    1. hello Wendy, the list of Nigerian university that admits without jamb is there for you to see. Thanks.

  2. plz if 1 apply 4hnd in anoda schl now,wen wil d admisn be gv to such person.tnks

    1. Definitely it will, so long as you meet the school’s requirements. Thanks.

  3. Pls is money for admi wil nt be much,pls kindly write the price

  4. can u tell us d amount dat d skul requst 4

    1. I didn’t do my research on that but you could Google their websites and you will get useful info from there.

  5. Hmmm

  6. hello ist only Madonna that doesn’t need jamb as a private uni pls if their is any other may I no them but not the once that take alot of money oh tnx

    1. Most private universities do not necessarily need jamb in gaining admission at the initial stage of processing your entry into the school but would require you get it before getting to you 300 or 400 level.

    2. Most private universities do not necessarily need jamb in gaining admission at the initial stage of processing your entry into the school but would require you get it before getting to 300 or 400 level.

  7. I once thought I will gain admi without stressing myself to write jamb again, because I lost my jamb cut-off point duplicate/result i wrote in 2013. is it still possible for me to gain admi now in any of d unis in polytechnic in Nigerian?

    1. Mr Nelson, you cannot gain admission into the Polytechnic of your choice until you write another jamb. Your jamb score is only valid for that admission year it was written. Thanks

  8. Is unilorin ijmb form available nw?

    1. sure it is. visit

  9. I really need admission and my cut of mark didn’t reach want another alternative

    1. Ok Nora, what state are you from, what institution did you apply for and what was your score in Jamb? lets start from there.. Thanks

  10. can i gain admision into ibadan poly with 168

    1. Hello Michael, Sure you can gain admission, from my findings, the cut off mark for Poly Ibadan is 160 and as long as you have the relevant subjects required with a minimum of ‘C’. Goodluck bro

  11. greetings, pls, what’s the link for uniabuja?? does uni zik accept without jamb?? cos, I heard they do direct entry, but, don’t know if they have stopped. thanks

    1. Good morning Benita, the link for uniabuja is As for Unizik, They need Jamb in getting into the school, except you want to do their diploma program then you do not need jamb, simply get their form and remember your O’level has to be complete. Thanks.

  12. Which of the poly will admmit wit 160 ….i want to study electrical engr..

  13. pls is there any uni or poly in lag that admit without jamb

    1. You will see a link in between the post(cut off marks for universities, poly and Colleges of Education) click it, all the info you need is there.

  14. I got 197 in jamb I apply for medicine in Imsu and Waec is Physics D7 so I want to write GCE can I be giving admission before knowing my result

    1. Uche,
      You can be given admission but during clearance you may have issues.
      It is not advisable to do so.

  15. Please I heard that NOUN admmit student without jamb is it true, cos I scored 177 and I want to apply 4 noun

    1. And please can I use awaiting result

      1. To be candid, i doubt if that would be accepted. The days of awaiting results are gone. If you want to be double sure, you can visit HOW TO GAIN ADMISSION INTO NOUN

  16. gud day all,pls in my jamb i score 178 is it any polytechnic i can get admission but is 2015 jamb i did not write jamb dis year.

    1. You can gain admission into any of the Polytechnics of your choice. As for you not writing JAMB this year, then your chances are very slim since practically all schools would make use of this current jamb (2016)

  17. Pls I wrote waec 2013 but each time I check my result alway no result for dis candiate in dis specific yaer,also wrote Gce 2015 but I fail woefully I hav just 3 credit,also write jamb dis year wish I score 172 with awaiting result,I dnt knw if I will get admitted into any poly den write my waec wen am in school

    1. Taiwo,
      I’m sorry you will not be given admission with such result.
      You need to meed the minimum requirements to gain admission and if you gain admission you will be caught during clearance.

  18. Pls I score 176 can apply for oou post utme

  19. Pls I want to register for this ijmb in Abu,,,, is the form still on sale?/and how do I get it?

  20. Pls I want to register for this ijmb in Abu,,,, is the form still on sale?/and how do I get it? And I would like to apply for international relationship,,,,, is it available????

  21. i scored 190 in jamb wic federal university can admit me

  22. Gud morning dear, i scored 172 nd hv six credit in my gce results. I failed government, literature nd civic education. Can I gain admission into any poly. Want to study (business administration)

  23. pls which school can ever admit someone dat has 150 in jamb

  24. Cn I get admission in unijos wit 217 in jamb… Am scared of der putme.. For medicine and surgery

  25. Pls palz i wrote jamb dis year 2016 and i scored 168, my qstn is can i gt admission in2 any university in Nigeria afta i might hv finish polytechnic without dem demanding 4 my jamb result or can dat implicate me?

    1. dont even think of it.

  26. Scored 190 in jamb, waec result was brilliant (no credits). What are the possibilities of admission into futa

    1. You simply need to find out the cut off mark for FUTA before you proceed. I know most state schools fall below 200, Most federal schools put their cut off at 200. Thanks

  27. Hello pls i scored 199 in 2015 nd dis march 2016 can i still get admission into any uni

    1. Hello Abiodun, this depends on the university you are applying to. The point is you need to confirm that to know the cut off mark of the school so as to be double sure. you can visit JAMB Cut-Off Marks For Universities, Polytechnics And Colleges Of Education For 2016/2017

  28. I hv a pleasure to tell u all d admission seeker in to university dat u should call dis no for help just ten firt candidate b4 d admission close at aaua 07036655630

  29. pls sir I got 226 in JAMB dis yr nd wants 2 study nursing in Uniilorin can I b admitted

    1. Congratulations Blessing, you can be admitted into unilorin but you need to find out the cut off mark for nursing, and if you have a contact there that could be of extra help, just incase your chances are low then that’s an added advantage.

  30. and also can go with my neco result ,and I want to know wen Uniilorin sales of form will begin.THANKS

    1. Sure you can make use of your NECO result. NECO is nationally accepted by every university in Nigeria currently

  31. plz can i apply a direct entry without writing jamb in any university wit a national diploma result

    1. Sure you can. When applying for Direct Entry into any university, you do not need JAMB as a prerequisite, your ND result is simply what you need.

  32. bt sir ma result is not yet out can i apply using awaiting result?and have d start selling d form already fr dis year?

    1. The national open university of Nigeria application form is actually out now see the link the only problem is that most schools do not accept awaiting results anymore. i would advise you visit their office to be double sure.

  33. I applied MBBS in unimaid,and my jamb score aggregate is 204 can I be admitted

  34. Pls sir can i gain admission into any private uni aside noun with the jamb score of 178

    1. Yes you can gain admission into any private University with that score.

  35. Pls can gce result gain me a admission in 2 a uniuyo.or waec?

    1. Sure it can. GCE is same as WAEC. Just make sure you have a minimum of 5Credits.

  36. I scored 150 in jamb which university can accept it or federal poly

    1. No university that i know of would accept 150 nor federal Polytechnic.

  37. Please I had D7 mathematics in waec 191 in jamb will I be given admission to study in unical med lab science?

    1. Unfortunately, mathematics is a compulsory subject you have to pass. I’m sorry you do not have a chance, but like i would always say, make proper enquiries from the school to be double sure. Thanks.

      1. Please I failed maths in waec and pass in neco will i be admitted in unical to study med lab science?

      2. Please do you know when their post-utme form will be out for 2016?

  38. Please I failed maths in waec and pass in neco, will I be given admission in unical to study med lab science?

    1. That would depend if UNICAL accepts combination of results, then you are good to go. From all indications, i believe they do accept result combination. Do your findings online for proper confirmation.

    2. ya….provided all other 5credit are complete

    3. U may gain admision due 2 ur post utme aggrate,bsid r u on whatsapp facebok,if yes gv me ur user

  39. IJMB is bettter that JAMB visit IJMBEXAM.COM for better understanding

  40. i have (ond) with pass level in the polythecnic of Ibadan and I tried to gain admission to same school but failed due to post utme, pls sir I don’t want this year to go in vain can I still gain admission into other poly (HND) in this year thanks.

  41. I want admission this year with my OND result at pass level pls can that be possible?

  42. Pls sir, would ksu giv me admission wit dis my jamb score of 173 my waec nd neco are good

  43. Please, i wrote jamb and p-utme last year but wasn’t finally given admission.
    Unfortunately, i didn’t sit for jamb this year thinking ‘ll be offered admission.
    I want to find out if;
    1. Ijamb form is still on sale.
    2. Which University has its diploma registration on-going as @ present.

    1. IJMB form is still on sale. As for the university with diploma registration on-going as a present, i cannot say at the moment but its advisable to contact the institutions in question rather than words of mouth.

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  45. hi, I need help, my son is 24 and he is in 200lvl in a private university and he is still not doing well the school is about to expel him, is there any school he can start by sept without jamb???? he has SSCE(2008) and foundation result frm the private uni, anywhere cheap before I cannot accord it, even tis private school he is been sponsored by family.

    1. Madam.. pls contact me on this email let me do something nd also advice u about ur son’s education.. email me,

      1. guddday,,I’m actually very stranded,,I’m in 300level in uniuyo,,actually supposed to be,,,and I’m supposed to b doing my I.T this semester but due to my poor grades my exam officer said I shud suspend studies and start afresh in anoda lesser department,, my problem isn’t starting over agai,,my p is that I want to start afresh in d dept I was bf in anoda university and work hard and lay distraction away to get d cgp I want,,,but I don’t want to wait anoda 2 years or 1 to write jamb,,I want a university I can start without jamb at d start,,,is that possible pls?

  46. plase i score 206 in jamb can i gain addimission in unn to study economics

    1. You can gain admission into University of Nsuka, but definitely not to study Economics. The cut off mark for Economics in Nsuka is way above 206. You might consider choosing another course.

    2. You can gain admission into University of Nigeria Nsuka, but I cannot guarantee that you will get economics. That depends on the cut off Mark for the course.

      1. plz can i gain admission into nsukka with 180…medicine and surgery..

  47. Please, can i gain admission into Uniabuja with OND result?

    1. Sure you can, University of Abuja falls under the list of Nigerian Universities that admit without JAMB.

  48. Pls, do noun offer food science and nutrition

    1. Good day,I had 177 in jamb my waec is good and I applied ABU Zaria for civil engineering, is there any possibilities of gaining admission there?,and if not,how can u help pls,my name is Temi

    2. Good day,I had 177 in jamb my waec is good and I applied ABU Zaria for civil engineering, is there any possibilities of gaining admission there?,and if not,how can u help pls,my name is Temi

    3. Good day,I had 177 in jamb my waec is good and I applied ABU Zaria for civil engineering, is there any possibilities of gaining admission there?,and if not,how can u help pls,my name is Temi

  49. Pls they said dat Ijmb registration hs close is there a possibility 4 me 2 still register

    1. Ijmb registration is still very much available, I did it too & am now in #200l @ the university of illorin.. I can help u wit d procedure dts if u’ll let me, dnt let anyone deceive u.. Here’s my no~08165780908, give me a call.. Stay blessed

  50. Please can I apply for uniabuja post utme and I did not chose them in my jamb

  51. Pls Does Lautech Accept 180 nd what medical courses available in uniabuja

  52. pls sir i knw d cutof of abu zaria is 180 bt can i try my luck with 176( nursing)

  53. can i try nursin wit 176 in abu zaria?

  54. Do you need Admission Help Into Babcock University? Call 07064873689 for help and processing of Admission into the Department you Applied for..

    1. I nee admission into babkook but i got 175 in jamb and i want to study medicine

  55. pls which uni can accept 178 in jamb except frm private uni for my friends brother sir

  56. Am a student in cotonou but I want to school in Nigeria bcos of the school fees, would I be able to get admission into a good University in Nigeria without jamb? My whatsapp number is 08173560194

  57. pls sir, I wrote waec in the year 2013 with these results English C5, Maths C5, Economics C5, Agriculture B3, Yoruba C6, Literature D7, Government C5 And Crk D7. pls can I get admitted into any of the Universities that doesn’t require jamb and is it possible for my to study theatre arts?? If not, pls what other courses can I apply for?? Am an orphan whose struggling to survive pls I want to just get admitted into one of these cheap schools in lagos so I can just get a degree on something and make my late mum proud cos am her only child. thanks

  58. hello if you need an admission in any universit just call mrs rose on 081048#####

    1. Please i rilli need admission into any university but i didnt write jamb..please can u help me out…dis my numba 07064512692

    2. mercy plz could you complete the number….plz i nid help

      1. and please can i gt admission into LASU with 180 to study med n surg.

  59. pls i have d7 in english language can i gain admission to any poly in nigeria

  60. I scored 176 in jamb and I choose eksu in jamb…..can i be admitted???

  61. Pls sir my son is 20years,I really want him to enter university this year either through prelim, or direct entry .he pass jamb last year but he was not given admission,he’s interested in mass communication. Pls help me.

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