SS1 Mathematics Lesson Note (Third Term) 2024

The lesson note for SS1 Mathematics Third term is now available for Tutors, parents, guardians and students who have been searching for an accurate and updated 2024 note.

Please note that the Third term lesson note is curled out from the approved scheme of work for Senior Secondary school. So you can do your verification as well and compare the Third term lesson note for SS1 Mathematics as seen on the free PDF file made available towards the end of this post.

SS1 Mathematics Lesson Note (Third Term) [year] 1

The SS1 Mathematics lesson note for Third term is in line with the 2024 SS1 Mathematics scheme of work for the term. This means the SS1 Mathematics lesson note is tailored towards achieving the aim and objective for the subject as mandated by the ministry of education.

Below is The Mathematics Scheme of work from which the Mathematics SS1 Third term lesson note was drafted from:



1MENSURATION: Concept of 3rd shapes cube, cuboids, cylinder, triangular prism, cone, rectangular based pyramid, and total surface area of cone, cylinder and their volumes.
2(a) Volumes of frustums of cone, rectangular based pyramids (b) Proofs of angles sum of a triangle  (c) the exterior angle.
3Geometrical Construction: (a) revision of construction of triangle.  (b) Drawing and bisecting of line segment. (c) Construction and bisection of . 57 (d) Construction and bisection of , , etc.
4CONSTRUCTION: (a) construction of quadrilateral polygon (b) construction of equilateral triangle. (c) Locus of moving points including equidistance from two lines, of two points and constant distance from the point.
5DEDUCTIVE PROOF: (a) sum of angles of a triangle (b) Relationship of triangles on a straight line. (c) Revision of angles on parallel line cut by a transversal line. (d) Congruent triangles. (e) Properties of parallelogram and intercept theorem.
6STATISTICS: (a) Collection and Tabulation and presentation of data e.g. data from height, ages, weight, test and Examination scores of students, population of students from different schools, classes etc. (b) Different species of animals and types of vehicles etc.
7Calculation of Range, median and mode of ungrouped data. (a) Data already collected by the students. (b) Data collected from other statistical records.
8Collection, tabulation and presentation of grouped data (a) Data from height, ages, weights, test and examination scores of students. (b) Population of students from different classes.
9Calculation of range, media and mode of grouped data. (a) Data already collected by students. (b) Other statistical records.
10STATISTICAL GRAPHS: (a) Drawing of bar chart, pie-chart and histogram. (b) Cumulative frequency curve. (c) Reading and drawing inferences from the graph.
11(a) Mean deviation, variance and standard deviation of grouped data. Use in solving practical problems related to real life situations.
12&13Revision/promotion examination.



At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to understand the following concepts:

  • Mensuration
  • Geometrical Construction
  • Deductive Proof
  • Statistics
  • Statistical Graphs

The above are what is expected of a SS1 student to know and be able to understand with ease. The SS1 Mathematics Third term lesson note here is aided with graphics so it makes it easier not just for the students but for the teachers too.

I have made the SS1 Mathematics Third term lesson note available in a PDF format for free download without any extra cost as this would ease the passage of knowledge from teachers to students without hinderances. It is a my little way of giving back to the educational sector where I belong.

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SS1 Mathematics Third Term Lesson Note 2024

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