SS2 Economics Lesson Note (First Term) 2024

The lesson note for SS2 Economics first term is now available for Tutors, parents, guardians and students who have been searching for an accurate and updated 2024 note.

Please note that the first term lesson note is curled out from the government approved scheme of work for Senior Secondary school. So you can do your verification as well and compare the first term lesson note for SS2 Economics as seen on the free PDF file made available towards the end of this post.

SS2 Economics Lesson Note (First Term) [year] 1

The SS2 Economics lesson note for first term is in line with the 2024 SS2 Economics scheme of work for the term. This means the SS2 Economics lesson note is tailored towards achieving the aim and objective for the subject as mandated by the ministry of education.

Below is The Economics Scheme of work from which the Economics SS2 first term lesson note was drafted from:


1Basic tools for Economics Analysis; measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode, using grouped data)
2Measures of dispersion; range, variance, mean deviation, standard deviation
3Theory of consumer behavior; concept of utility (Tu, Au, & Mu(, law of diminishing marginal utility
4Demand and supply; change in quantity demanded, Demand and supply; change in quantity supplied, change in supply, effects of changes in demand and supply on equilibrium price and quantity.
5Elasticity of supply; meaning, types and measurement of elasticity of supply. (Graphical illustration), importance of elasticity of supply to consumers, producers and government.
6Elasticity of Demand; meaning, types and measurement of elasticity of demand. (Graphical illustration), importance of elasticity of demand to consumers, producers and government.
7Income elasticity of demand; definition, types (positive and negative), measurement of Income elasticity of demand
8Cross elasticity of demand, definition, measurement of cross elasticity of demand
9Price control / legislation; meaning, types (minimum and maximum)
10Rationing and hoarding; meaning of Rationing and hoarding, effects of Rationing and hoarding, black markets and its effects.



At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to understand and solve the following problems:

  1. Calculate the mean of the following marks scored by students in an econo

20, 12, 18.

Use a class interval of 0-9, 10-19, 20-29, e.t.c.

  1. The data in table represents the marks scored by Economics students in NECO examination.  Calculate the median score.

Marks scored by Economics students in

Marks %12182430364048


  1. The table below shows the distribution of the weight of students in a certain school.
Weight (kg)40-4445-4950-5455-5960-6465-69

Obtain the modal of the weight.

  1. Calculate the mean deviation for the set of data in table below

Age of SS2 students that won scholarship


The marks scored by Economics Students in their NECO Examination are presented in the table below.

  1. Calculate the variance and standard deviation.
No of students (frequency)86121864
  • Discuss the factors that should innovate a producer to supply more of a commodity.
  • Differentiate with the aid of diagram between change in supply and change in quantity supplied.

The above are what is expected of a SS2 student to know and be able to understand with ease. The SS2 Economics first term lesson note here is aided with images so it makes it easier not just for the students but for the teachers too.

I have made the SS2 Economics first term lesson note available in a PDF format for free download without any extra cost as this would ease the passage of knowledge from teachers to students without hinderances. It is a my little way of giving back to the educational sector where I belong.

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SS2 Economics First Term Lesson Note 2024

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