SS3 Physics Lesson Note (Second Term) 2024

The lesson note for SS3 Physics second term is now available for Tutors, parents, guardians and students who have been searching for an accurate and updated 2024 note.

Please note that the second term lesson note is curled out from the approved scheme of work for Senior Secondary school. So you can do your verification as well and compare the second term lesson note for SS3 Physics as seen on the free PDF file made available towards the end of this post.

SS3 Physics Lesson Note (Second Term) [year] 1

The SS3 Physics lesson note for second term is in line with the 2024 SS3 Physics scheme of work for the term. This means the SS3 Physics lesson note is tailored towards achieving the aim and objective for the subject as mandated by the ministry of education.

Below is The Physics Scheme of work from which the Physics SS3 second term lesson note was drafted from:




  • Model of the atom – Concept of the atom – Rutherford, Bohr, Electron-cloud, Limitations of physical models
  • Nucleus – Radioactivity, Nuclear reaction, Nuclear power and atomic bomb, Nigeria’s nuclear energy programme
  • Energy quantization – Energy levels in atom, Photo-electric effect, Einstein Photo Electric Equation and its explanation, thermionic emission, X-ray, Duality of matter – wave particle duality
  • Battery – construction of battery; Electroplating – electroplate a suitable electrode
  • Uses of machines – Need for the use of machines in doing work, Instances of use of machines, Dams and energy Production – Location of dams for producing electricity in Nigeria, Principle of Electricity from dam
  • Rockets and Satellites – Component part of rockets and satellites, functions of rockets and satellites and uses. Niger-SAT 1- Features, Operation and Uses; NICOM-SAT 1 – Features, Operation and Uses
  • Revision
  • Mock Examination


At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to understand the following concepts:

  • Model of the atom
  • Nucleus
  • Energy quantization
  • Battery
  • Uses of machines
  • Rockets and Satellites

The above are what is expected of a SS3 student to know and be able to understand with ease. The SS3 Physics second term lesson note here is aided with graphics so it makes it easier not just for the students but for the teachers too.

I have made the SS3 Physics second term lesson note available in a PDF format for free download without any extra cost as this would ease the passage of knowledge from teachers to students without hinderances. It is a my little way of giving back to the educational sector where I belong.

All you need do is click the download button below to get the PDF file of the Physics second term lesson note for second term.

SS3 Physics Second Term Lesson Note 2024

To get the updated SS3 Physics second term lesson note for 2024 please see the download button below. You can save to your personal device so it can be accessed anytime.


I hope the above has helped? Please feel free to ask questions as regards the Physics approved SS3 Physics second term lesson note for 2024 if you have any and I will be glad to assist.

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