SS3 Physics Lesson Note (First Term) 2024

Many Tutors have searched online for the approved and updated first term lesson note for SS3 Physics for 2024 but are still yet to get their hands laid on reasonable material. This post contains the complete Physics first term lesson note for SS3 students. If you are a parents, guardian or Tutor, this piece of vital information is for you. Here you will get all you need to know as a tutor, all the required topics and objective of the first term lesson note for Physics for SS3 students.

Please note that the first term lesson note is curled out from the government approved scheme of work for Senior Secondary school. So you can do your verification as well and compare the first term lesson note for SS3 Physics as seen on the free PDF file made available towards the end of this post.

SS3 Physics Lesson Note (First Term) [year] 1

The SS3 Physics lesson note for first term is in line with the 2024 SS3 Physics scheme of work for the term. This means the SS3 Physics lesson note is tailored towards achieving the aim and objective for the subject as mandated by the ministry of education.

Below is The Physics Scheme of work from which the Physics SS3 first term lesson note was drafted from:



  1. Electromagnetic waves
  2. Gravitational Field, Law, Gravitational Potential, Escape Velocity, Potential Energy in Gravitational Field.
  3. Electric Field, Coulombs law, electric field intensity, electric potential, Capacitor and Capacitance.
  4. Electric Cells – Primary and Secondary, Defects of Simple Cells. Cells in series and Parallel.
  5. Electrolysis – Electrolytes, Electrodes, Ions, Faraday’s law, electro-chemical equivalent.
  6. Electric Measurement Resistivity, Conductivity, Conversion of galvanometer to ammeter and Voltmeter, Measuring resistance ammeter – voltmeter methods.


  1. Magnetic field – Magnetic and magnetic materials, temporary and permanent magnets, magnetization, demagnetization, Theory of magnetization, magnetic flux, Earth magnetic field.
  2. Magnetic field around current carrying conductor – Straight conductor, circular conductor, solenoid, applications- electromagnets, uses, electromagnet-electric bell, telephone ear piece.
  3. Electromagnetic field – Flemings left hand rule. Application – DC. Motor, moving coil. Galvanometers
  4. Electromagnetic induction – induced current, laws of electromagnetic induction, induction coil, A. c and D.C. Generator transformer and power transmission
  5. Revision
  6. Examination


At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to understand and answer the following questions:

  • A radio station transmits at a frequency of 1200KHZ.  What is the wavelength of the radio wave? (c = 3.0 x 108ms-1).
  • Give three similarities of electromagnetic waves.  Mention two distinguishing properties of infra-red and ultraviolet rays.
  • State two properties that distinguish light waves and radio waves
  • Mention and describe two important uses of x-rays
  • (a) What is radar? (b) What type of electromagnetic radiation does it use? (c) How does it function?
  • Name five uses of electromagnetic radiations
  • State Newton’s law of universal gravitation and give the mathematical relation
  • Calculate the gravitational potential at a point on the Earth surface. Mass of earth is 6.0x 10 24/kg, radius of earth = 6400km and G = 6.67×10 -11Nm2kg-2
  • Calculate the escape velocity of a satellite from the earth’s gravitational field (g = 9.8m/s2, R = 6.4 x 10 6m)
  • What is escape velocity?
  • What is electrolysis? Mention at least two uses of electrolysis
  • What is an electrolyte?
  • State Faraday’s laws of electrolysis
  • A current of 3A maintained for 50 minutes deposits 3.048g of zinc at the cathode. Determine the electrochemical equivalent of zinc.

The above are what is expected of a SS3 student to know and be able to understand with ease. The SS3 Physics first term lesson note here is aided with images so it makes it easier not just for the students but for the teachers too.

I have made the SS3 Physics first term lesson note available in a PDF format for free download without any extra cost as this would ease the passage of knowledge from teachers to students without hinderances. It is a my little way of giving back to the educational sector where I belong.

All you need do is click the download button below to get the PDF file of the Physics first term lesson note for first term.

SS3 Physics First Term Lesson Note 2024

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I hope the above has helped? Please feel free to ask questions as regards the government approved SS3 Physics first term lesson note for 2024 if you have any and I will be glad to assist.

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