Tecno Boom J8: Specifications &Price in Nigeria


At the start of the New Year we knew most phone manufacturers will definitely be releasing some awesome gadgets, according to latest rumors Tecno Mobile is about to release something that will make most phone freaks stayed glued to their seats.

In 2015 Tecno lunched the Tecno Boom J7 which was kind of great based on the reviews of most fans but now we hear that the J7 is about to get an elder brother called the Tecno Boom J8.

Though not much have been heard or seen in the features of the upcoming Tecno Boom J8 but some leaked specs of the device from Tecno has been in circulation.


Concerning the design we can not fully say what the device would be made of either plastic, metal or glass but we know that the device will be awesome, But we can say that it will come with a thinner bezels, a bigger display of about 5.5 Inches with a bigger screen to device ratio.


The device will come with 16GB internal storage and will be accompanied with 2GB RAM, and the back camera is said to be 13MP while the rear camera has also been boosted from 8MP to 13MP.

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About the OS,we are not certain what the OS will be we here it will run on the outdated 5.1 Lollipop, another source says it will have the Android 6.0 Marshmallow but what we can be sure of is that it could be the first tecno Mobile phone that will come with the new Tecno Hios UI. It’s also reported to be 4G/LTE smartphone


The smartphone will be powered by a 3800mAh lithium ion polymer battery. This will give you more juice than any other phone except the 4000mAh Tecno H6, but an impressive upgrade to the 2021mAh battery seen in Boom J7.


  • 5.5inch display
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB internal storage
  • Android 5.1 lollipop with HiOS UI
  • 4G LTE Connectivity
  • 13 megapixels back camera and 5 megapixels front
  • 3800mAh battery


The Tecno Boom J8 is now available in Nigeria and you can get it at any of the online priced between (N39K – N42K).

Explore various models of Tecno Mobile Konga.com and jumia.com at best prices with fast delivery services nationwide.


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  1. From what I see here, this one definitely beats the Camon C8

    1. There is no argument about that. btw, I learned today that Camon now has 6.0 update.

    2. easy tiger, two of them are great devices. don’t be so quick to judge

      1. It depends on your choice..i have used both devices and i love themm..i cannot resist any

        1. Some people missed the part where it indicates that Only you get the two of them??? habe give your siblings one na.

          1. He should be a cheerful giver

    3. Are you sure though?

  2. The HiOS? will there be an obvious difference?

    1. of course!

      The browser uses chromium engine, that’s the kind you find on google chrome.
      There’s the breathing lights function.
      The call embarrasment blocker.
      The boom player app.
      The gaming functions

      and more importantly, now that we have HiOS, it allows me to update my phone regularly.

    2. This question is funny, still looking a reason why. So you think a reputable company will spend money on developing an OS that won’t have obvious differences

      1. It is just a question nah. He/she who asks question does not get lost. Lol

  3. i hear it is selling for 41K. Is yours cheaper? I can patronize you.

  4. Tecno should be more upgrade to bring out gorilla screen

    1. Oga go and check out retail outlets. Tecno started making gorilla screen 3 years ago.

    2. Lol,the phantom 5 is a gorilla screen device

      1. Yes, I read so too.

    3. @Adeshola wake up, this is 2016 oh!!

  5. i will purchase a techno device when they upgrade to amoled displays

    1. They have other versions with amoled display with gorilla 3 glass.

  6. if tecno can use snapdragon chips from Qualcomm.. instead of mtk… I will be buying their products

  7. compare for me c8 n J8

    1. There is really nothing much to be compared, C8 is a great phone with emphasis on the camera quality, while the J8 is a great phone with emphasis on music. But considering the fact that the J8 runs in the new HiOS. J8 wins.

      1. I have been reading about the HiOS. I think it is pretty awesome

    2. I think they are both good.

  8. I really need one tecno Boom j8.

  9. what if my place there is no 4G is it posible to enjoy internet to that J8?

    1. laurent A.chuwa,
      Yes you will. 3G is sufficient for your internet browsing.

  10. Where can I get d tecno boom j8

    1. @tormmywa,
      Click on the Konga Buy Button.

  11. Am using c8 and d battery is giving me hell of troubles..am scared bout this j8 in particular..
    Wud also lyk to knw d exact price

    1. It costs between 41 to 44 thousand nairas

  12. What’s d battery life of ur phone and how many months or years uve been using it for pls?
    WhatsApp me 08065398505

    1. Do people still use phone for years?? The economy is really hard.

  13. the battery is giving me so much problem

    1. Battery?? The new j8? Please can you be more specific, because I have been using the boom J8 for 3 weeks now and I have no problem with the battery.

    2. @don please are you sure you are not mistaken?? I have never heard anyone complain about the boom j8 battery.

  14. Kenny Blessing@Busybrain

    I really love the phone’s specifications but why is the battery life so low compared to techno L5 with 5000mAh.Had it been its up to 5050mAh or 6000mAh l would have tried buying the phone.

    1. Techno is tryna do 419 with their products,they don’t want yu to have it all, what ur phne lacks, u’ll find it in anoda and what dat one lacks, u’ll find it in urs. I use L6 but d features of j8 is more better but my batt is better though.

      1. Eeyah..sorry
        But is there l6?i thought it was l5

      2. Lol @419. No phone is perfect!! But the boom J8 comes with impressive features that brings the word “perfect” to life.

  15. tecno j8 its owesome
    i am desperate to get it
    wats its price

    1. Recommended retail price is N40,999. To save you stress it is advised you buy it online. Nice choice you’ve made.

      1. But OP said 32k nah. Oh!! My bad

        1. Don`t mind the op. He/she made a mistake. Its N41k

      2. Me I am confused now.

  16. Is the Battery Size 3800mAh or 3000mAh

    1. StrawberryCustard

      3000mAh sir/madam

  17. I use the boom j8,the phone uses 4G and i love it ….I actually brought it because of the trip to paris option and i was thinking of dashing it to my lil cousin,but aftet i used it for a weekkkk,i turned a stingy aunt..lol

    1. Stingy aunty… But who no like beta thing?

      1. hahahaha not the way you think its oh

    2. Mehn… You stingy no be small o. Haba. be a cheerful giver. don`t you want your cousin to feel the Boom j8 like you?

      1. if you really feel forher then get her one

        1. if you really want it come and take it

  18. How come your own Price is 32k when it’s Available for 41k? Do you have some form if Discount?

    1. Help me ask oo. Even on Konga it is N41,000

    2. Exactly my thought.. i guess its a mistake.

  19. Please Where’s your contact, Where can I get the phone for 25k as you Wrote above?

    1. I doubt if that will be possible. Its N41k everywhere.

    2. Hahaha it is 42-44k o. Please if you see it for 25k, buy 1000 QTY, I am willing to repurchase them for 35k from you

  20. i need boom j8

    1. E no cost. na just N41k. Go buy one.

  21. I Heard D Boom J8 Is Selling for abt 32k to 35k…nt too sure but i tink dats d price(in jos)

    1. That mus be a mistake from the OP. The price everywhere is N41k. Unless he`s running a promo

    2. Jos?…….It’s 41k everywhere!

    3. I think it is around 42 k

    4. Wow, if it is at that price, make I go buy am o

    5. Dont let anyone scam you with counterfeit. It is sold for 42-45k

  22. I am glad it will be upgradable to Marshmallow/ I will definitely consider buying it now.

  23. The camera seems to have upgraded. That is nice.

  24. The headphones, are they free>?

    1. Technically, the headphone is… Though it is a good innovation…

  25. Hello Guys Infinix Note 2 Is More Awesome The Battery Is Wow

    1. Honestly, my husband bought the Infinix note 2 from his work colleague. the Phone is not bad but not fantastic either. He sold it to buy Boom J8 after adding some extra money.

  26. Gud, going 2ru d comments, I developed interest in buying d fone.

  27. Gud, going 2ru d comments, I developed interest in buying d fone. Cheer….

    1. What is stopping you from buying?

  28. Am enjoying my boom j8 and am in love with the phone aready…go buy urs jare

  29. Good phone and kind of different from the norm

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