Top 10 Best State Universities in Nigeria

Nigerian state universities are common places and centers of learning in Nigeria. Nigeria has 36 states across the federation. Each of these thirty six states has a university. And many of then have state universities. I have been to a couple of them. In this article, trying to list the top ten best state universities will not be an easy task.

Some of these state universities are very popular like their federal counterparts while others are just modest places of learning if you are hoping to pursue a degree in any field in the nation. There are many things that must be taken into consideration if you want to apply to any of these universities in Nigeria.

Are you prospecting for a wonderful career down the road and need a good school to help you achieve your aims and objectives? Then you need to settle for nothing less than the top ten. The other alternative would be for a private university. I understand the fact that not everyone can attend a private university. So state universities are where we can reach.

I have heard a lot which comprises of the good, the bad and the ugly sides of these state universities. I believe that someone that has made up his mind to study at any of them should at least visit the place . Even if its once.

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However, I must caution you here as the state universities are not the same as their federal counterparts. Federal universities in Nigeria beat the state ones. I am writing from the little experience I have. Most of our federal university lecturers still lecture at the state level.

My top best universities for 2016/2017 were chosen by two major factors which are by rankings and by popularity.

I never arranged them but just listed them as I discovered that its easier this way. I believe that you will find the best state universities in Nigeria useful.

Top 10 Best State Universities in Nigeria

In no particular order:

    1. Rivers State University of Science and Technology
    2. Lagos State University
    3. Nasarawa State University
    4. Osun State University
    5. Kwara State University

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