Top 20 Best Universities in Nigeria

Top 20 Best Universities in NigeriaAre you seeking for the top best universities in Nigeria? Here is my top 20 list. The Nigerian universities are ranked in no particular order. You will agree with me that there are private universities and there are public universities. Among my top best list, there is a mix.

Web-o-metrics   which is a portal that ranks universities worldwide using special ranking system has ranked Covenant University and OAU as the first and second ranked respectively. Although I believe that this ranking is meant to change as several factors come into play.

Some of the Nigerian universities on the list has a track record of consistency. Others are older and therefore by age made the list. Let’s take a brief look at my top 20 best universities in Nigeria.

Top 20 Best Universities in Nigeria:

  1. The Covenant University, Ota

This is a popular private university in Nigeria owned by living faith church a.k.a winners chapel which is pastored by bishop David Oyedepo. Its boast of white lecturers coming from all over the world to teach the students.

  1. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife

Have heard a lot of good things about this university from former students and graduates. OAU as its fondly called is a great university in Nigeria

  1. University of Ibadan, Ibadan
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Located in the largest city in west Africa Ibadan, the university of Ibadan has a rich outlook.

  1. University of Lagos, Akoka

No doubt among the top 13 universities in Nigeria. it has produced many illustrious graduates and it boast of a very rich alumni. The university of Lagos has an enviable position on this list.

  1. University of Ilorin

I have a few friends who have finished from the university of Ilorin. It’s a well disciplined school and has a very good learning environment . sometimes, I mistake it for a private university.