Top 20 Business Ideas You Can Start With Small Capital

Are you looking to start up small business and you need top business ideas that will go a long way to help? Every day, many people dream of starting their own businesses but never really take the leap. Here are my top twenty business ideas to get you started on the right part with little capital.

Before you make the final decision, ensure that you have these four conviction

  1. You have a passion for the business
  2. You are willing to find out all you can about it
  3. You believe that you will succeed
  4. You believe that you can grow the business

These four prerequisite is very important if you want to succeed. Without  passion, the drive for any business idea dies a natural death. Again find more information on any of the available ones is very important. So many would be entrepreneurs fall in love with businesses but have little information on how to make it work. How here are my top business ideas list

Poultry Farming

Poultry involves the rearing of birds for eggs and meat.  These can become a serious money earning. You must endeavor to find out all you can about the poultry business if you plan to go into it.

Fish Rearing

Rearing of fishes can be done any time of the year although it Is advisable to begin on time. You will need large water reservoir especially if it’s for commercial purpose. Fish farming is a major income earner.

Social Media Consultant

In our society today, social media is a fast growing industry on his own as more money is made online each and every year. Can you use Facebook, twitter and Google plus effectively? Then you can become a social media consultant online. There are companies that require you to manage their social profile.