Pay Attitude Global is a company delivering the next generation of innovative and inclusive payment solutions. They enhance a blend of commerce and lifestyle through conjunction of solutions for different stakeholders—consumers, businesses, financial institutions and governments.

Pay Attitude Global was incorporated and granted license in 2013 by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to operate as a Payment Scheme. PayAttitude Global is the owner of the registered trademark, PayAttitude®.


PayAttitude is a Chip plus Pin Tag-type contactless solution based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that converts a subscriber/customer’s mobile phone handset to an NFC device and links the handset to the subscriber/customer’s Debit or Prepaid account Plus ePurse account enabling the subscriber/customer to debit his/her account(s) for different payment transactions.

It also guarantees subscribers the confidence and comfort of successful proximity/contactless payment for goods and services at merchant locations at all times notwithstanding problems or challenges of telecommunication or unavailability of network of the merchant’s bank/Acquirer or the customer/subscriber’s bank/Issuer. Such transactions are authorised offline up to the value of Plus functionality that the customer/subscriber subscribed to with the Bank or Issuer.

Where the value of a transaction is higher than the ePurse balance for Plusfunctionality, the PoS terminal will intelligently switch to online mode without human intervention, to seek authorisation from the holder’s debit, prepaid or credit account. 


Unlike other products in its category, PayAttitude transactions are Chip+Pin enabled and holder’s unique Pin must be entered on the acceptance device before transactions are approved. In exceptional cases such as low-value transactions at quick-turn-around locations of trusted merchants such as toll Plaza, etc,

Pinless transactions may be allowed at risk to the Acquirer and the Merchant, liability for such transactions are not with the holder or the Issuer.


  1. Proximity/Contactless Transactions

Proximity/Contactless transactions are done by tapping the phone handset against NFC enabled PoS terminals for:

  1. Purchase – payment for goods and services
  2. Cash deposit
  3. Cash withdrawal
  4. Airtime Purchase
  5. Bill Payments
  6. Quick turn-around payments – public transport, toll plaza, parking lots, etc.

All proximity and contactless transactions except Cash Deposit and Withdrawal are supported by Plus functionality.

  1. Remote/Distant Transactions

Remote & Distant Transactions are done remotely on the handset and supported by only PayAttitude Premium which enables the subscriber/customer to have access to as many as 15 banks accounts in multiple banks. In addition to Proximity/Contactless transactions, the remote & distant services and transactions include:

  1. Generation of one-time transaction code
  2. Secure internet payments by subscriber or proxy using one-time code
  3. Bank Transfers
  4. Transfers to e-Wallet
  5. Balance enquiries
  6. Mini-statements
  7. Withdrawals at ATMs by self or proxy using one-time code
  8. Withdrawals at Merchants/Agents’ locations by self or proxy using one-timecode
  9. Airtime Purchase
  10. Bill Payment

Remote/Distant transactions are authorised online real-time and not supported by Plus functionality.

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PayAttitude Contact Info:

P.O. Box 70767, Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.
Telephone:+234 1 2703010 – 14
Fax:+234 1 2703011



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